Reduced graphene oxide

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High energy lithium-ion battery cathode material

About AkKoLab


The main activity of AkKo Lab LLC is carrying out scientific research and development in the natural sciences and engineering.
Directions of scientific research activity of AkKoLab LLC:


• Li-ion batteries
• Supercapacitor batteries
• Solar cells batteries
• RadioFrequencyIDentification (RFID)


• ultradispersed carbon
• graphite, exfoliated graphite, graphene
• carbon nanotubes
• carbon and metal nanoparticle, nanoinks
• conductive polymers
• ionic liquids


• Obtaining technology of highly porous activated carbon with specific surface up to 3800 m2/g according to BET method (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller);
• Manufacturing techniques of graphene sheets with the average lateral size up to 1.5 microns and the number of layers from 1 to 10;
• Obtaining technology of graphene stable dispersions in various polar and non-polar solvents;
• Production technology of polymer composite materials based on graphene and high pressure polyethylene with various mass and volume content of the filler in the polymer matrix;
• Obtaining technology of spherical nanoparticles (Au, Ag, ZnO, Si) with a narrow distribution of particle sizes (5-15 nm);
• Production technology of stable dispersions of nanoparticles (Au, Ag, ZnO, Si) in water and organic solvents with various mass content (up to 15% wt.) to be used as nanoinks for printing technology;
• Methods of variation of surface tension and viscosity of nanoinks;
• Nanoink jet printing technology on the substrate's surfaces of different nature (polymer, paper, glass) with the resolution up to 20 microns;

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