AKKOLAB's lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (Li1+aNibMncCodO2)

NMCTab Eng

High values of the discharge capacities (4 Volts) and specific energy capacity in 180mAh/g cathode material make this one of the more perspective.

AKKOLAB's technology for producing Li1+aNibMncCodO2 protected by Russian patent for invention №2536649.


Nanostructured NMC cathode material is a mixed metal oxide being in the form of core/shell nanoparticles (<100nm), where the shell is a layer of carbon (<5 nm), which increases the electrical conductivity and the stability of the electroactive material.

The first cycle

After 70 cycles

Testing was performed at load currents of 1C/0.5 C. The fall of energy capacity after seventy charge / discharge cycles does not exceed 5.4%.


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