In 2011, AkKoLab LLC proposed a high-tech method of producing graphene (kilo quantities) for the first time and subsequently developed this methology. Nowadays AkKoLab LLC is the only company in Russia producing and supplying graphene whose characteristics aren’t inferior and even superior to their foreign analogues.The undoubted advantages of the developed technique compared to well-known foreign ones are availability, low cost, reproducibility, manufacturability, and scalability. The technique doesn’t require the use of toxic and hazardous reagents, hard conditions of synthesis and expensive equipment. The uniqueness of the proposed method of graphene synthesis is the original methodology of reduction of graphene oxide which was pre-produced using the modified Hammers method. All the materials are thoroughly characterized by means of modern complex of physical and chemical methods.

Graphene is a carbonaceous nano-object, which is characterized by unique electrophysical, thermal, mechanical and optical properties. From the chemical viewpoint graphene is a monatomic carbon layer which consists of condensed six-membered rings: carbon atoms in graphene are connected by sp2-bonds to form a hexagonal two-dimensional (2D) lattice.




Our company has created graphene nano-inks used in inkjet printing by the Dimatix Materials Printer 2831 technology. At present we are conducting research in order to determine the applicability of graphene flakes to create prototypes of electronic devices, in particular, the field effect transistor.

AkKoLab LLC in collaboration with other scientific organizations creates ultrastrengthcarbon nanocomposites based on graphene oxide and graphene. The properties of such composites are constantly investigated and they are tested by concerned companies aiming to introduce the materials to the industry.

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