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The company "AkKo Lab" has developed and started the production and sale of functional TiO2 ink, which is the true solution of titanium coordination compounds, with the following parameters:

Viscosity - 3.28 mPa ∙ s;

The mass concentration of titanium dioxide is 2%;

The crystallization temperature of a thin TiO2 film (anatase structure) is 300 ÷ 500 ° C.

фото банки2

Advantages of this type of ink are the absence of solid phase particle, which provides a better printing technology (inkjet, aerosol, etc.), with the possibility of print semiconductor films (thickness of a few nanometers).

In the laboratory of the "AkKo Lab" company, semiconductor structures of various geometries on the surface of such substrates as polyimide, glass, quartz, etc. were successfully printed by TiO2 ink. A press release about the development of a new type of functional ink was published at the largest an information site "Printed electronics world".



TiO2 functional inks can be filled into markers for manual application of thin-film TiO2-structures on the surfaces of substrates made of alumina, silica, silicon, polyimide, etc.

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